NAB Recovers 10 Billion Rupees in Sindh Wheat Scam

NAB Recovers 10 Billion Rupees in Sindh Wheat Scam

ISLAMABAD: Sukkur National Accountability Office (NAB) directly and indirectly recovered Rs 10.612 billion for investigating the wheat fraud associated with the Sindh food department and the theft of wheat in the province for 15.85 billion rupees, Stay Connecting reported Saturday.

According to a report released by NAB, after receiving various complaints and communication sources, DG NAB Sukkur resolved more than 9 investigations against Food Department employees/officials and others in connection with allegations of embezzlement of available wheat stocks in the Temporary Reserve Centers (RPC)) in more than 9 different areas.

These included the Sukkur, Larkana and Shahid Benazirabad units, namely: Sukkur, Larkana, Gotka, Khaipur, Naushekhro Ferose, Shahid Benazirabad, Sangar, Kashmir, Kandkhkot, Kamber and Shahdadkot.

Various Accused Applied for Plea Bargain

Subsequently, individual groups carried out raids in the presence of relevant magistrates in the People’s Republic of China from the aforementioned districts. It turned out that 164,797 million tons of wheat worth Rs 5,355 million was missing in different PRCs in these regions.

During the investigation, several defendants and factory owners filed a guilty plea on NAO 25 / b 1999 and agreed to return an amount of Rs 2,112 billion.

His guilty pleas were approved by the Sukkur Liability Court. Furthermore, according to NAB, the investigation also revealed that thousands of tons of wheat were shipped to the government goddesses in Karachi from the districts.

‘Food Department Officials Involved in Wheat Scam’

In this regard, relevant records were obtained in the relevant areas and goddesses of Karachi. The record showed that 22,044 million tons of wheat worth Rs 745,680 million did not reach Karachi. NAB said the wheat was also appropriated by Food Department staff/officials and others.

In addition to this, NAB Sukkur also conducted investigations against Food Department employees/officials. After obtaining permission for these requests, the factory owners have already paid Rs 8,126 billion out of the predetermined total amount of Rs 9,750 billion.

The NAB stated that so far, four appeals have been filed with the Court of Accounts against Food Department employees/officials and food providers to recover damages. In addition, the remaining links will also be filed with the court for accountability within the established time limit.

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