WhatsApp Finally Launches Video Call Function for 8 People

WhatsApp Finally Launches Video Call Function for 8 People

With self-isolation accepted by people due to the coronavirus pandemic, WhatsApp introduced the latest feature that allows users to connect more friends and family using group video and voice calls.

The company said: “As of today, we doubled the number of participants you can receive in a video or WhatsApp voice call from 4 to 8 people at a time.”

“During the past month, people spent on average more than 15 billion minutes talking on WhatsApp every day, well above the average day before a pandemic. And, as in the case of written messages, all of these calls are protected by end-to-end encryption. “We created a group call in such a way that it is accessible to as many users as possible, including people on lower-level devices and slower network conditions,” the statement said.

“We know that people may want different ways to connect while at home, which is why WhatsApp is also available on the portal, which, according to many users, is a great way to share your living room with family during the quarantine.”.

To access the new upper limit of the number of participants for WhatsApp calls, all the participants in the call must update the latest version of WhatsApp available on iPhone or Android today. Ask your friends and family to update WhatsApp to try it out.

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