Why you Should Keep the Plant on your Desk, According to Science

Why you Should Keep the Plant on your Desk, According to Science

LAHORE: A recent study in Japan showed that storing plants at the desk can significantly reduce anxiety among workers, who are generally excluded from exposure to a healthy green environment. Experts from Hyogo University in Japan have found that small plants located within reach of your workplace can improve mental health.

Researchers have studied the practical use of houseplants to improve the mental health of office workers. A new study scientifically verifies the degree of psychological and physiological effects caused by houseplants.

“Today, not many people fully understand and take advantage of the stress-recovery benefits that plants bring in the workplace,” said researcher Masahiro Toyoda of Hyogo University in Japan. – To improve such situations, we decided that it was necessary to verify and provide “Scientific data on the effects of stress on nearby plants in a real office,” Toyoda said.

To obtain the results, the research team investigated changes in psychological and physiological stress before and after placing the plant on the desks. Sixty-three office workers in Japan participated in this study. The calming effects calculated during the study showed that anxiety decreased significantly before and after the intervention.

The study shows that putting small plants in view helped reduce psychological stress in all directions. The researchers suggest to business owners that small houseplants can be inexpensive and useful in improving employees’ working conditions.

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