Education Minister Says LUMS Fee Increase “Unacceptable”

Education Minister Says LUMS Fee Increase “Unacceptable”

ISLAMABAD – Federal Education Minister Shafkat Mahmoud said on Friday that a massive pay rise by the Lahore University of Administration Sciences (LUMS) is unacceptable.

In a couple of tweets, the minister said: “I saw reports that LUMS increased its commission by 41%. If true, this is unacceptable. ”

He also said that the university is the main educational institution in the country, adding that “it needs to take the initiative to help students and not burden them or their parents even more.”

In asking management to reconsider this issue, Mahmoud said the Supreme Court “gave a formula for an annual increase in tuition rates of 5-8%. Universities may have variable compulsions and may need a slightly larger increase, but a 41% surge in LUMS is beyond comprehension. ”

The university’s leadership has come under heavy criticism from social media users and its students after announcing an increase in fees, despite the current coronavirus crisis, which financially affected all segments of society.

However, LUMS Vice Chancellor Arshad Ahmad said the decision to increase the rates was made before the COVID-19 outbreak.

“LUMS rates for 2020 were determined before COVID-19, which is fully consistent with previous years and takes into account the extraordinary increase in inflation, energy costs and currency devaluation,” the VK statement said.

Ahmad further said that the increase for 2020 was 13%, which will be monitored to determine the next payment card, reports the Express Tribune.

“Also, previously for students taking 12 to 20 credit hours, a single semester fee was charged,” he added.

VC said the current rate was calculated on the basis of one credit hour, which would increase the semester rate for some and decrease it for others.

“The important point is that the total payment for meeting the problem requirements does not change as a result of the transition to an hourly rate. One of the reasons for this change is to discourage students from overloading the course, which negatively affects their

“Being a nonprofit university, gifts from donors, administrators, etc. help subsidize every third student,” he added.

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