Wait, WHAT! Maya Ali & Osman Khalid Butt Are Apparently Married With Two Kids

We can all agree that actors Maya Ali and Osman Khalid Butt have first-rate chemistry onscreen, their appearing is so actual that some followers have been curiously satisfied that they have been genuinely a “married couple with two children”.

The duo currently sat down for an interview with Nida Yasir, who requested Ali about the most exciting rumor she has heard about herself.

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Ali published that rapidly after their 2nd task together, Aunn Zara’s poster used to be released, she bought a shocking name from her mom whilst she used to be out of city for work. “Did you get married? To that Osman guy? How should you? Why didn’t you inform me?” shared Ali as she laughed hysterically recalling it. The stated poster confirmed the two in a bride and groom costume which commenced the rumor mills.

“Basically, a fan mischievously introduced onto a Wikipedia web page that we’re married with two children,” brought Butt. Speaking on how serious the rumor went, Ali added, “Once at an award show, we have been sitting collectively and an aunty congratulated us and complimented the jodi (couple) we made”.

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“All of which was once excellent due to the fact we bought these for the dramas we did together. But later, she additionally gave us benefits and needs for our youngsters and that used to be when we realized human beings absolutely trust in that rumor,” she added. They ultimately laughed it off together.

Not a real-life couple, however absolutely besties
Besides getting alongside properly as co-actors, the duo located the fine mates in every different as they started out their journeys in the showbiz enterprise together. The host requested each of them about the traits they appreciated in every different to which Butt jokingly said, “How an awful lot time do you have, Nida? Come on, Maya, begin the list.”

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Ali answered that she has many times stated how grateful she is for Butt’s friendship and that she can’t describe his cost in her lifestyles in a word. But she went on to add a few traits that she admires about her friend.

“He makes humans comfy easily. There’s no ego in him, even now. He guided me a lot whilst we labored on our 2nd mission about acting, physique language, and script considering that he’s a author as well. Sometimes I simply quit and suppose about how we have such a gifted man or woman amongst us in this industry. You can by no means be bored in his company.”

Butt additionally shared what the friendship intended to him in his preliminary days in the enterprise as an introvert. “I continually preferred Maya from afar due to the fact she’s authentic to her words. Her movements and phrases matched every other. She’s headstrong and unbiased and these are some appealing characteristics to have,” stated Butt. “And when we grew to become friends, our experience of humor matched a lot and that was once the begin of an ever-lasting friendship.”

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