Bill Gates Drinks Poop Water

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“Have I got an investment for you,” Bill Gates whispers, his sight feverish with enjoyment. Or is it the waste water? Only time will tell.

Gates just launched himself sippin’ on a awesome one from a Janicki OmniProcessor: a self-contained cleanliness device that creates h2o that is clean from waste. The machine takes in the “sludge”—as the company’s CEO naturally terms it—then comes and burns it into power and normal h2o.

But even more important, a smart trader can turn it into cash, too. You just connect it in, right, and bam! Wealthy permanently. ‘Cause crap never goes out of style, my friend.

The business owner that operates this processer will get compensated for the input—the debris. And that same business owner will get compensated for the outputs—the power, the h2o, and the ash… It will grow to every area of our planet that needs it, because it creates money every day.

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