Capital Talk Khawaja Asif interview 17 June 2015

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Capital Talk Khawaja Asif  interview 17 June 2015

Capital talk is talk show with anchor person hamid mir on goe news and today guest is PMLN leader and defense minister khawaja muhammad asif and there are lot of allegation and complaint on Khawaja asif and he become very controversial after statement against Mqm party .

Khawja asif spoke some words against mqm party and said mqm party are not party of muhajir and they are fake muhajir in their party .These kind of words hurt mqm party and mqm party protested against pmln party in Karachi .What is the remarks of Khawaja asif about mqm party and what is his views about Asif ali zardari statement against Pak military yesterday .

That is topic of the day listen this talk show and discussion of khawaja asif .

Must watch it.

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