German journalists Jürgen Todenhöfer warned the world from ISIS power

german Gernalist

Extremist organization ISIS,  terrible combat operations, Cutting the throats of opponents and after the occupation of vast areas of Iraq and the Syria become a symbol of terror around the world.

But the first time the German journalist who witnessed this territory closely, on returning from his unique journey has warned the world that ISIS is much more horrible, powerful and dangerous than we are thinking.

German journalists Jürgen Todenhöfer is known in the world for reporting from conflict zones and have spent most of his 74-year life in the observation of the fighters and extremist organizations.

He says after lengthy negotiations with ISIS and especially with the head he got permission for awakening experience. During which he traveled from the Turkish border to the Iraqi city of Mosul.

He said in an interview that the Caliphate of ISIS’s total area, which covers an area larger than the United Kingdom and their own laws, judicial systems, security systems, religious and educational system are implemented.

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