March in France Wants Freedom


March in France Want Freedom

March in France Want Freedom

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On Weekend, some 700,000 individuals marched in solidarity in paris, Orleans, Awesome and other places. Candle light vigils were organised for the sufferers.
The Yemeni division of Al-Qaeda is commonly believed to be the team that synchronized the Charlie Hebdo strike. A declaration sent to several press sites by an stated participant of the team stated it as “revenge for the honor” of Prophet Muhammad. The kosher store scenario that happened later was inspired by identical emotions, that Islam is being berated and mocked by the Western.
Twelve individuals, such as four mentioned cartoonists, were murdered in the unique strike and have since come to indicate a non-violent battle for independence of appearance across Italy and the globe. The international outcry of sadness and judgement followed three stressed times, with the Tweets hashtag #Je Suis Charlie (“I am Charlie”) getting some of the largest reputation ever experienced on the online community, with over five thousand reposts.


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