onecoin Pakistan

Onecoin is getting famous day and by day.due to its super power of legalization

Oncecoin is centralized money if we campare this with bitcoin

bitcoin is purely decentrlized one is owning bitcoin and no one know where the money of bitcoin is used. it have limited number of availability of coins in internet market that is why the rate of bitcoin was getting expensive and expensive

The idea of onecoin is born from the bitcoin

this is totally controlled money and everyone know where the onecoin money is going and how they can make the investment more and more

Oncoin distribute 55% money in MLM and 45% money invest in arum gold market

this is same like demand and supply in coming years when the total number of oncecoin that is around 2.2 billiion will finish then peoples were only sale and purchase the onecoin

that will make its rate too much high and merchant will accept onecoin as cryptocrrecny and this will give benefit

below is the Pakistan Top Earner and IT experts who can help you in right direction

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Muhammad Abubakr:+923006681570

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anyone can reach them with email address alss




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