Singer Numan Javed Wedded with Jana Malik

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Singer Numan Javed Wedded with Jana Malik

Pakistani singer Nouman Javaid has decided to marry the actress Jana Malik. The decided after after his ex-wife Fariha Parvez’s divorce .

Nouman Javaid said in an interview that his parents are behind  his marriage to Jana Malik. He added that the wedding ceremony will be held in Lahore and will be attended by close family and friends only.

The singer said he did his best to regain the affection of Fariha Pervaiz for him after his failed suicide attempt, but his ex-wife was not willing to continue living with Javaid. He said he can not waste his life by a woman who had no value to him in his life.

Nouman hoped his decision to enter into marriage with Jana Malik will become fair and asked his followers not to ask about Fariha Pervaiz over him.

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