Taliban suicide bomb strikes in Kabul

AFGHANISTAN-UNREST-EU taliban-bomb-kabul-eu.si

A Taliban destruction blast has hit an EU cops automobile in Kabul. One people was murdered and five others were harmed, though no one within the car was harm. This is the first strike by the Taliban in 2015 against a international focus on in the Afghan investment.

According to a declaration by the Western Partnership Police Objective in Afghanistan (EUPOL), the car was loaded with explosives and hit near the head office of the Western cops coaching mission in Kabul. The car owner was obviously focusing on a convoy of the organization’s automobiles in the eastern of the town, AP revealed.

“A EUPOL automobile was engaged in a automobile carried destruction strike while it was traveling eastern on the Jalalabad Street in Kabul,” the mission said in a declaration, according to AFP.

“The car residents were uninjured,” Kabul cops spokesperson Hashmat Stanakzai said. “Six citizens were harmed, one later passed away of his injuries in medical center.”

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