10 of the Most Reliable News Websites to Follow

Many Americans admit that they get their news online these days, rather than relying on older forms of media, like TV and print. The problem is that there is so much information posted online, it’s hard to know what’s reliable and what’s not. That’s especially true in such a divided political climate. Some of the following sources have editorials that lean left or right, but their reporting is as centered as possible. And many of them started out as print news sources. Either way, these are the places that provide news you can trust to be true most of the time:

Wall Street Journal

It’s been around since 1889, and its print edition is the third-most widely circulated newspaper in the nation. Today, the website is a popular source for business news as well as general news. The editorial pages tend to lean a bit to the right, but the Wall Street Journal’s news reporting is award-winning journalism at its most reliable.

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