Majid Jahangir pass away

Actor and comedian Majid Jahangir pass away.

The son announced that funeral services would be held in Karachi this morning after moving the remains there.

Lahore: Pakistan showbiz industry’s renowned comedian and actor Majid Jahangir died in Lahore.

That was stated by the deceased actor’s son, Fahad Jahangir. Funeral services would be held in Karachi on the day of the funeral after the actor’s body was carried there.

The famous actor had paralysis for a long time and was treated in an in-house hospital.

Jahangir injured his spine after falling off the bed at home around a month ago, according to Majid’s relatives. He also suffered from a severe respiratory illness.

It is possible to recall Majid Jahangir’s family members. Who just a few days prior, appealed to the audience to pray for his recovery during one of his television programs. And who made viewers grin and nod off.

It is significant to remember that the renowned actor Majid Jahangir rose to popularity in the 1980s serial Fifty Fifty.

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