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Markets are to close at 8 pm and wedding venues at 10 pm in an energy-saving program.

An energy-saving program.

  • Kh Asif, the cabinet member, approves the immediate implementation of the Energy Conservation Plan
  • Punjab, KP, traders associations protest against early closure of wedding halls, markets

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Cabinet, presided over by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Decided to adopt the Energy Conservation Plan with immediate effect, according to the announcement.

Minister of Defence Khawaja Asif highlighted the main components of the energy conservation plan during a press conference in Islamabad with cabinet ministers.
He said that under the framework of the plan, markets would close at 8.30 p.m. While wedding halls and restaurants would close at 10 p.m. He stated that it is believed that the measures adopted by the cabinet will save the nation about Rs62 billion ($273 million).

The Minister of Defence said that producing inefficient electric fans will cease beginning on July 1st. The feeble electric fans will be subject to an additional levy. Which will save the government roughly R.s15 billion. According to Khawaja Asif, a campaign will be started in print, and electronically. Social media channels to educate the public about the initiative to conserve energy.

The official said that the highest summer electricity usage reached 29,000 megawatts (MW) compared to 12,000 MW in winter months, primarily because of the use of a fan in the hotter temperatures.

The Minister of Defence said that the rates for water would be reviewed to preserve water. Building control authorities will implement needed changes to the by-laws of housing societies to ensure the efficient use of water.


The Minister stated that half of the United States’s street lights would remain off.

The federal government’s cabinet also approved a reduction in the maximum retail price for twenty medications to help the ordinary person.

The Minister of Defence said that the production of light bulbs made of incandescent bulbs would stop on February 1st. The Minister said this would aid in saving twenty-two billion rupees.


According to the defense minister, saving 92 billion rupees. According to Khawaja Asif, the country is actively developing electric bikes to help reduce the three billion dollars now spent on petroleum for motorbikes.


The Minister of Climate Change, Senator Sherry Rehman, stated that she believes that the proposed Energy Conservation Plan will help deal with the potentially dangerous consequences of climate change. While responding to a question, the Minister of Power Engineering, Ghulam Dastgir Khan, stated that the government has no plans to sell off any department.


The Punjab government on Tuesday rescinded the energy conservation plan proposed to the government of the United States to tackle the energy crisis amid the economic crunch.

Provincial Minister of the province of Punjab in charge of Industries, Commerce, and Investment Mian Muhammad Aslam Iqbal declared that the federal government’s plan to convert energy is unacceptable and if the government had no other choice other than to announce the measures the government should have sought out consultation with all stakeholders.

He also said that the federal cabinet must put all provinces in confidence before announcing any decision.

 He also said that the expectation of the provincial government to comply with such a policy is unjustifiable.

The Minister also suggested that the government should meet with all chambers of commerce in the country before imposing the closing of market hours at 8:30 pm.

As he announced his support to the country’s business community, He said the government must also consider the ratio of unemployment and the overall economic situation and reminded members of the Coalition government that the textile industry and other industries are closing because of financial pressures.


Market traders across the nation have been adamant about the decision of the federal government to close all restaurants and stores until 8:30 pm under the new plan for energy conservation which says it’s impossible to conserve energy with these measures.

In a statement, Markazi Tanzaniaem-e-Tajran Pakistan (MTTP) director Kashif Chaudhry stated that the state government designed the policy without the business community’s trust and unwillingness to follow the plan to conserve energy.

“It is not possible to save energy by such measures,” Kashif Chaudhry said in a statement, warning of a strong opposition should the government attempt to close shops by force.

He complained that despite the strong protests and assurances from the officials, they chose to enforce the “unilateral” decision.

The president suggested that government limit its employees’ use of heaters and air conditioners within offices to conserve energy. 

In the meantime, Karachi Electronics Dealers Association President Rizwan Irfan disclosed that the Government of Sindh had consulted with the owners of restaurants and wedding hall owners about the energy-saving plans.

He claimed that everyone present at the meeting had decided that markets and malls should remain open until nine or ten o’clock at night, but that wedding venues and dining establishments might remain open until noon.

“However, despite the Sindh government’s assurance they imposed a unilateral decision,” Irfan complained and demanded that the government take on the cost of their expenditure.

Furthermore, the Saddr Traders Association president, Ilyas Memon, declared that the decision to shut markets before closing them is equivalent to ruining businesses.

“The police and the administration should not harass the businessmen,” He stated and added that the Sindh government shouldn’t issue an FIR as per the guidelines laid out in the consultation meeting.

Similarly, the KP government also resisted the energy conservation plan of the federal government. Plan. Advisor for KP CM on Information Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said the federal government needed to consult with the provincial government regarding the procedure for energy conservation. Saif noted that before approving any plan of this kind, the federal government should have sought the support of all the stakeholders.

The KP government has already implemented numerous measures to reduce energy consumption, including widespread solarisation, lighting with LED bulbs, and many more.


The information adviser stated that the provincial government still needs to decide about implementing the federal government’s policy.


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