Google opens chatbot Bard for testing

Google opens chatbot Bard for testing in US and UK

The move is an effort to catch up with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT

Google on Tuesday invited people in the United States and Britain to test its AI chatbot, known as Bard, as it scrambles to catch up with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

Bard, ChatGPT, and other similar apps churn out essays, poems, or computing code on command, though they come with warnings that the information they create can be incorrect or inappropriate.

Google on Tuesday invited people in the United States and Britain to test its AI chatbot, known as Bard, as it scrambles to catch up with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

Bard, ChatGPT, and other similar apps churn out essays, poems, or computing code on command, though they come with warnings that the information they create can be incorrect or inappropriate.

Bitcoin passes the bank stress test

Bitcoin passes the bank stress test

As crisis stalks the traditional world of stocks and bonds, bitcoin is suddenly looking like a safe haven.

The infamously volatile cryptocurrency seems positively hale and hearty, just as a banking meltdown drives markets into the arms of a recession.

Bitcoin has risen 21% this month, while a choppy S&P 500 has lost 1.4% and gold has gained 8%.

“If you were going to describe an environment where there were successive bank runs because central banks are trying to fight inflation with fast rate increases, that is pretty close to as spot-on a thesis for owning bitcoin as you’ve ever heard,” said Stéphane Ouellette, CEO at digital asset investment platform FRNT Financial.

The cryptocurrency has, for now, severed its ties with stocks and bonds and tagged on to a rally in gold, fulfilling at least one part of creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream – that bitcoin can serve as a refuge for suffering investors.

Bitcoin’s 30-day correlation with the S&P 500 has slid to negative 0.12 over the past week, where a measure of 1 indicates the two assets are moving in lockstep.

ChatGPT-style tech brought to Microsoft 365

ChatGPT-style tech brought to Microsoft 365

The technology behind the world’s most talked about artificial intelligence (AI) system, ChatGPT, is being added to its most ubiquitous work software, Microsoft 365.

Microsoft is calling the system Copilot and says it will be embedded into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella said it would “fundamentally change the way we work.”

However, the firm admitted Copilot would sometimes make mistakes.

The functions of Copilot include:

  • Summarising the key discussion points of a conversation held on meeting software, Teams, and providing recaps for someone who joins late or misses the whole event
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations, including images, from prompts
  • Drafting emails
  • Analyzing long email threads and documents
  • Creating summaries and graphs of data on an Excel spreadsheet
  • Chat GPT has captured the world’s attention with its ability to quickly provide human-like responses to questions, even very complicated or abstract ones.

    However, those replies are sometimes inaccurate or provide completely invented information.

    While the tech being deployed by Microsoft in Office365 is not simply ChatGPT itself, it is based on the same language-learning model.

    The firm acknowledged that Copilot may also sometimes be “usefully wrong”.

    We all want to focus on the 20% of our work that really matters, but 80% off.

iPhone 15 leak shows front glass with immersive

iPhone 15 leak shows front glass with the immersive screen on Pro

Reliable hardware leaker, ShrimpApplePro, has shared a video that reveals the front glass of the iPhone 15 lineup.

The iPhone 15 Pro seems to have a standard display size and Dynamic Island with thinner bezels than the current iPhone 14 Pro. The middle glass panel in the video is dedicated to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the largest of the three front glass sizes, with the same Dynamic Island at the top. The large screen, however, adds more emphasis to the thinner bezels.

The third screen panel has a thicker border with the same bezel width as the iPhone 14, but with a Dynamic Island for non-Pro models of the iPhone 15.

Tips for improving your Outlook experience

Some interesting tips for making better use of the platform

Microsoft’s Outlook is a commonly used platform that allows you to send emails, make calendars, create and manage tasks, and more.

If you are an avid u.tlook user, you should know some of these tips and tricks to use the platform better.

Meta to wind down NFTs on platforms

Meta to wind down NFTs on platforms amid crypto bust

Meta Platforms Inc is cutting off support for digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platforms less than a year after rolling it out, as the crypto market continues to spiral.

“We’re winding down digital collectibles (NFTs) for now to focus on other ways to support creators, people, and businesses,” the social media firm’s fintech head, Stephane Kasriel, tweeted on Monday.

The company rolled out support for creators to share NFTs on Instagram and Facebook last year when the speculative crypto asset had exploded in popularity, with sales of cartoon apes to video clips touching billions of dollars.

Tips to Maximize Your Corel Draw Productivity

Tips to Maximize Your Corel Draw Productivity

If you’re looking to up your productivity when working with Corel Draw, these tips will help! From creating organized work files to prioritizing your projects, these tips will help you get the most out of Corel Draw. Keep in mind that by following these tips, you’ll be able to not only increase your efficiency but also create better-looking projects. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Maximize Your Use of Templates and Modules

There are times when using templates and modules can save you a great deal of time. By opting to use these premade designs, you can speed up your workflow and improve your productivity.

Some popular template options include shapefiles and DWG files. When working with shapefiles, you can import them into Corel Draw as basic shapes or as complex shapes made out of multiple layers. This makes it easy to create complex drawings without having to create something from scratch. Similarly, when working with DWG files, you can import the file into Corel Draw as a 3D model or as a series of cross-section views for easy customization.

Get Organized With Workfiles and Folders

If you’re looking to increase your productivity when working with Corel Draw, it’s important to create work files and folders that are easy to access and use. This will help you achieve faster workflows and save time overall.

When working with Corel Draw, it can be helpful to create work files that are organized into categories or projects. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and keep your project files manageable. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use shortcuts to speed up your workflow. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can avoid having to navigate through menus all the time.

WhatsApp rolls out new feature.

WhatsApp rolls out a new feature

A screenshot shows a split-view version that improves the user experience

Instant messaging app WhatsApp rolled out a new update for the beta version of the Android app, WaBetaInfo reported Friday.

In its recent update, the Meta-owned app introduced a new feature called “split view” for the tablet version of WhatsApp.

This new feature optimizes the interface for tablets, providing a better experience on a large screen. Through this new update — which is considered a game-changer — you can now use two different sections of the app on the tablet simultaneously.

This update can be accessed through Android for the beta version. It is released to the beta testers as of yet.


The Best Phones of MWC 2023

Liquid-Cooled Concepts and 10-Minute Charging: The Best Phones of MWC 2023

The world’s biggest mobile phone show took over Barcelona this week and wowed us with new handsets. These are the top phones we saw at Mobile World Congress.

The world’s biggest trade show dedicated to mobile devices and services has rebounded from the Covid era in fine form, with about 80,000 people descending on Catalonia to bring Mobile World Congress to life. Thousands of exhibitors from hundreds of countries were on hand to talk shop as phone makers rolled out countless new devices.

We saw big and small phones, bending and folding phones, phones you can self-service…Dr. Seuss could practically write a book about all the different new handsets.

This list, however, focuses on the best of the bunch.

Best Concept

Motorola Rollable

Motorola won us over with its rollable smartphone concept, which has a flexible OLED display that rolls around the bottom edge. The screen measures 5 inches diagonally when it’s closed and extends to 6.5 inches when it’s open. The idea here is that you get a smaller device for your pocket that can still provide a lot of screen real estate when you need it. What’s neat is that the screen still lights up on the rear when folded; it functions as a secondary display for notifications, the clock, and so on. We’re impressed by how the user interface adjusts automatically as the screen opens and closes. Motorola didn’t say anything about bringing the phone to market, but it’s a swell idea.


OnePlus plans to launch foldable

OnePlus plans to launch a foldable-screen smartphone as competition heats up.

A foldable smartphone will add a level of prestige attached to the brand, which is exactly what OnePlus needs to better compete with Samsung and Apple.

OnePlus will debut its first foldable smartphone in the second half of the year, as the brand is finally ready to take a leap of faith in the folding phone form factor. The foldable phone was confirmed in Barcelona on Tuesday at the annual Mobile World Congress.

“It will be a flagship phone that doesn’t settle because of its folding form, whether it’s industrial design, mechanical technology or other aspects,” Kinder Liu, President, and COO of OnePlus told media at MWC. “It will be a phone with great performance, offering the ultimate OnePlus classic experience,” he added.

The Chinese smartphone brand hasn’t shared many details about the phone yet but promised that the device will deliver the same level of performance the brand is known for.

OnePlus, which is now a sub-brand of BBK-owned Oppo, has high ambitions to dominate the high-end smartphone segment. A foldable smartphone will add a level of prestige attached to the brand, which is exactly what OnePlus needs to better compete with Samsung and Apple, two of its biggest players in the top-end of the phone segment. Right now, OnePlus’ portfolio lacks an ultra-premium smartphone that can compete for neck-to-neck with the likes of the Galaxy Z Fold 4




At the Mobile World Congress trade show, Chinese smartphone brands are showcasing foldable phones for the first time outside of China as the market shifts towards high-end smartphones in key territories like Europe. Huawei spinoff brand Honor, China’s second-largest phone maker, launched the Magic Vs foldable smartphone which will go on sale in Europe for 1,599 euros (or approx $1690). Oppo, the world’s fourth largest smartphone player, is also bringing a clam-shell style foldable phone to international markets. Xiaomi, the world’s third-largest smartphone player globally, after Samsung and Apple, has yet to launch a foldable phone internationally. Apple, meanwhile, has no flagship phone in its portfolio





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