Volkswagen lays out details of planned

Volkswagen lays out details of planned affordable electric car

Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) laid out on Wednesday the details of a planned all-electric car costing under 25,000 euros ($26,790), part of the German carmaker’s push to derive 80% of VW passenger brand sales in Europe from all-electric vehicles by 2030.

The car with a 450-km range (280 miles), to launch in Europe by 2025, will be the first on Volkswagen’s modular electric platform to feature a front-wheel drive, with design elements that hark back to the first Golf, VW said in a statement.

The battery will charge from 10% to 80% in around 20 minutes, with the car’s top speed hitting 160 km per hour.

“We are implementing the transformation at pace to bring electric mobility to the masses,” VW brand chief Thomas Schaefer said in a statement.

The carmaker is also working on another electric car available for under 20,000 euros, it said, without providing further details.

Kansas legislature passes bill to ban transgender

Kansas legislature passes bill to ban transgender athletes from girls’ sports

Kansas’ Republican-led legislature on Thursday passed a bill that would ban transgender athletes from playing girls’ or women’s school sports if they were born male.

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, a Democrat, is expected to veto the bill, as she vetoed two similar measures in the previous two years. But this year the bill appears to have enough support to override any veto. The governor’s office did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Supporters of the bill and those who like it say it is necessary to ensure a level playing field in women’s sports. Opponents and LGBTQ advocates say the laws are unnecessary, given the small number of transgender athletes in school sports.

Transgender rights have been pushed to the forefront of the U.S. culture wars and political standoffs between Republicans and Democrats. At least 18 states have passed or enacted legislation preventing transgender students from playing on school sports teams matching their gender identity.

The Kansas Senate on Thursday voted 28-11 to pass the bill. The House voted 82-40 to pass the measure on Feb. 23. To override a veto, two-thirds of each chamber would have voted against the governor’s action.

The latest version of the bill bars transgender girls and women from female sports teams in public elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges, as well as from private school teams that compete against public schools.

F1 2023 season, explained:

F1 2023 season, explained: Formula 1 schedule, drivers, teams, DRS rules, sprints, salaries & more

If you’re new to Formula 1, now is the perfect time to join in the fun.

With Max Verstappen bidding to win a third world title in a row, Ferrari desperate to shake off the frustrations of their technical performance last season and Lewis Hamilton still hoping to set a new record for drivers’ championships, 2023 is set to be an intriguing year in the sport.

As ever, the new season brings with it new cars, races, and regulations to create more drama and hopefully make for an entertaining spectacle.

To get you up to speed, Sporting News answers all the key questions for any F1 newcomer.

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and the highest class of single-seater racing. F1 races with open-wheel cars, on both permanent race tracks and street circuits, with a new one coming in 2023 on the Las Vegas Strip, no less. F1 visits traditional racing hotspots such as the UK, Monaco, Italy, and Belgium every season and has recently ventured into new territories such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Azerbaijan.

F1 has a competition structure that involves 10 teams, with two drivers per team. It is effectively a league table format, with points racked up over the course of the season (more on that later).

The world championship was founded in 1950 and is sanctioned by the FIA, which sets the rules and regulations. The sport is unique as teams build their own distinct cars every year, following the rules and regulations set by the FIA. Often they create cars with high cornering speeds. On average, F1 cars generate a top speed of over 200 mph (320 kph) on the straights.

How does F1 qualifying work?

Qualifying is used to determine the grid positions for the race on Sunday and traditionally takes place on a Saturday — or on a Friday afternoon during Sprint weekends (detailed next in this guide).

The session is split into three parts. In Q1, all drivers take the track to set the fastest lap time possible in 18 minutes. The slowest five drivers are dropped from the session and will start the race from their finishing position. Q2 repeats the process, but with 15 drivers and in 15 minutes.

The top 10 in Q2 progress to Q3, where they battle for pole position in a 12-minute shootout session. The fastest time earns the pole and will start the race on Sunday in the first place. Second, through 10th place are determined by the next-fastest laps.

For the 2022 season, drivers will have a free choice of which tires they can use to start the race. They no longer have to stick with the compound they use in Q3.

Qualifying during a Sprint weekend alters the structure. The session takes place Friday afternoon, replacing FP2. Those results determine the grid for the Sprint, where the drivers will race Saturday afternoon for their grid slot for the main event on Sunday.

Saudi stadium that hosted Lionel Messi

Saudi stadium that hosted Lionel Messi

vs Cristiano Ronaldo to stage Santosh Trophy final stage

AIFF pulled out of Asian Cup bid over costs, but taking domestic tournament overseas is

 being justified as ‘exposure’ for players.

Step or misstep, the All India Football Federation has made its first major move after the announcement of the ‘Vision 2047’ roadmap. A new set of officials has taken over and taken a domestic interstate tournament to international shores in a bid to rebuild its royalty status. The King Fahd International Stadium, home to a clash between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi just over a month ago, will see two semi-finals, and a third-place match, By hosting the semi-finals and final of the tournament in Riyadh, the AIFF believes it can raise the value of their competition, allow state associations to work harder to scout for a better crop of players and show that there is a quality footballer or two out there for the top clubs in India to pick up. and the title clash between four Indian state teams as the final leg of the Santosh Trophy is held in Riyadh.

It was always important to win a championship like the Santosh Trophy. Just the news that matches would be held in Riyadh gave us a boost during our qualification matches and increased our concentration levels,” said Services head coach MG Ramachandran on the effect he saw on his players as soon as it was announced that the tournament finale would be held in Saudi Arabia.

Mac McClung soars to slam dunk title at All-Star

Mac McClung soars to slam dunk title at All-Star Saturday

Mac McClung might have single-handedly restored the shine on a dunk contest that has been widely panned in recent years.

McClung, the 6-foot-2 Philadelphia guard on a two-way contract, defeated New Orleans’ Trey Murphy III in the finals of the dunk contest, culminating in an NBA All-Star Saturday that may have finally answered the question as to whether what used to be the league’s signature event can be glitzy again.

McClung had the answer: Absolutely.

“I’m truly blessed and grateful for the NBA giving me this opportunity,” McClung said.

The final score, not that it mattered, was McClung’s 100.0, Murphy’s 98.0.

His is an unbelievable story: McClung has played mostly in the G League, where he ranks 36th in scoring this season at 19 points per game. He was undrafted in 2021 after spending three college seasons at Georgetown and Texas Tech. He was signed by Golden State last year but never played in a regular-season game for the Warriors, and spent a little time on USA Basketball’s World Cup qualifying team last year as well.

“Ever since the beginning, I was the underdog,” said McClung, who put on a Gate City jersey — his high school and hometown in Virginia, population 1,600 — for the final dunk. “Proving others right instead of others wrong brings a little more satisfaction.”

Philadelphia would become his third NBA team, and he hasn’t even played for the 76ers yet. He played in one game last season for the Chicago Bulls, one other game for the Los Angeles Lakers.

He has three NBA baskets.

He had four dunks on Saturday night. A guy with more dunks than actual NBA field goals might have saved the dunk contest.

“Give this man his flowers, man,” TNT commentator Kenny Smith said.

McClung set the tone for the night with a dunk that had NBA superstars in disbelief — he leaped over two people, took the ball out of the hands of one of them, tapped it on the backboard, and then threw down a reverse slam.

And that was just for starters.

Riding the momentum of that perfect dunk, he wound up hoisting the trophy that was newly renamed for the dunking legend — and former 76ers star — Julius “Dr. J” Erving.

“I’m super happy,” McClung said.

McClung was nearly perfect on his second dunk as well; four judges gave him a perfect 50, and Lisa Leslie gave him a 49 as the only dissenter, but it didn’t matter — he has already assured a spot in the final round against Murphy.

New York’s Jericho Sims gave himself a 50 on his second dunk, where he attached an envelope to the net, pulled it down after the dunk, and displayed “50” to the world. No judge agreed, and his two-dunk score of 95.4 wasn’t good enough to make the final round.

Raveena Tandon Confesses Not Being Comfortable During R*pe Scenes In Bollywood Films:

In a recent media conversation, Raveena Tandon recalled she was called ‘arrogant’ for giving conditions on doing r*pe scenes. Read on!
Raveena Tandon has been a gorgeous versatile actress since the 90s. However, the Tip Tip Barsa Paani fame was not comfortable doing a lot of things that were written in the script or that her character demanded. She is known for being vocal about anything and everything. Now, in a recent media interaction, the actress recalled her days back then and shared why she was called ‘arrogant’. Read on to know more about it! Raveena Tandon has been a gorgeous versatile actress since the 90s. However, the Tip Tip Barsa Paani fame was not comfortable doing a lot of things that were written in the script or that her character demanded. She is known for being vocal about anything and everything. Now, in a recent media interaction, the actress recalled her days back then and shared why she was called ‘arrogant’. Read on to know more about it. Raveena had certain policies and conditions on how she wanted some scenes to go about, and for that many directors and producers didn’t like her attitude. Bollywood has been s*xualising actresses for a very long time, and Raveena is one of them who had opposed it. In an interview with ANI, Raveena Tandon listed the things she wasn’t comfortable doing. Recalling them, she shared, “I used to be uncomfortable with a lot of things. For example, dance steps. If I was uncomfortable with something, I would say, ‘Listen I am not comfortable with this step. I would not do the step.’ I didn’t want to wear swimming costumes, and I didn’t do kissing scenes. So I had my fundas. I was the only actress who had a couple of r*pe scenes with not even one tear in the dress. All my clothes used to be fully intact.”

For caretaker Punjab CM said three individuals have been selected Parvez Elahi:

The names of Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera, Naseer Ahmad Khan, and Nasir Saeed Khosa have been chosen by the PTI and PMLQ, according to Punjab’s chief minister Parvez Elahi:


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PMLQ) have selected three candidates, Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera, Naseer Ahmad Khan, and Nasir Saeed Khosa, for the role of caretaker chief minister in Punjab, according to Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab.


Following visiting PTI Chairman Imran Khan here, he spoke with the media. After discussion, he revealed that three names had been chosen, with Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera being the first on the list. 


He stated that the Punjab government would get these names and expressed the hope that a decision would be made on one of them.


In answer to a query, Parvez Elahi stated that talks on a potential merger between the PMLQ and the PTI were in progress. He said that Moonis Elahi wanted the PMLQ and PTI to combine.


Additionally present at the discussion with Imran Khan was MNA Chaudhry Hussein Elahi.


On Sunday, Parvez Elahi laid the cornerstone for Jamia Masjid Khatamun Nabiyeen and opened Pakistan’s first Khatamun Nabiyeen University.


He told the media that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) will lose badly in the polls, like Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He said that now that President Arif Alvi would ask them to take the vote of confidence, they would be in a dangerous situation.


 “The PMLN is growing weaker every passing second, and we delivered it a tremendous surprise in the vote of confidence,” he stated.


Elahi predicted that Imran Khan would be unable to win the National Assembly’s support for a vote of confidence after suggesting a suitable solution for Shehbaz Sharif.


“Imran Khan is a good man, and he has the spirit to make his nation affluent,” the CM declared. The young people are supporting him and working for him. 


The chief minister declared that only general elections would be held once the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly was also dissolved the day after tomorrow.


The chief minister of Punjab said that [Interior Minister] Rana Sanaullah was deceiving the public into believing that concealed assistance was on the horizon. 


Along with a group of liars, he visited Nawaz Sharif, and the PMLN leader there called him out.


The CM claimed that the PMLN had suffered a terrible loss in the general election and that Nawaz Sharif would not return to Pakistan.


He claimed that in the past, Nawaz Sharif has requested that elections be held in the nation.


The Chief Minister of Punjab was asked if he would run under the bicycle or bat emblem in the upcoming election. He advised the inquirer to be “patient” while awaiting a response.


Following the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday, the PTI-led government has decided to dissolve the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly.


KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan was waiting for directions from PTI leader Imran Khan to present the assembly’s dissolution report to KP Governor Haji Ghulam Ali.


Following Article 112 of the Constitution, the province chief executive would transmit the summary to the governor on Tuesday. If Ali chose not to sign it, the legislative body would immediately dissolve within 48 hours, which is anticipated to happen on Thursday.


On Sunday, CM Mahmood tweeted, “God willing, the Tehreek-e-Insaf will once again form its government [in KP] with a two-thirds majority.”

The KP chief executive defended the PTI leader by saying that Imran Khan has sacrificed his administration for the nation’s benefit. He said, “Khan will soon be prime minister.”


Mahmood said that the Pakistani people have finally realized how crucial it was to eliminate the political mafia’s self-serving members.


He said, “We will finish the development path started under Imran Khan’s leadership.

The governor responded to the situation by telling a private TV station that, after getting the summary, he would adhere to the Constitution.


Kamran Bangash, the provincial government’s spokesman and higher education minister, told The News that the chief minister will brief the provincial governor on Tuesday to dissolve the KP Assembly.


There was also talk of a temporary chief minister for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and some former public officials were being considered for positions under the system.


The News was informed by reliable sources that Chief Minister Mahmood Khan still needs to bring up the caretaker arrangement with the appropriate parties.


MQMP Sindh rejected hijacked elections

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQMP) on Sunday said it was because the “party’s boycott had won in the local government elections of Karachi and Hyderabad while pre-poll rigging was defeated.”


In a press conference, the MQMP’s Convener, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, declared that the election turnout was meager. The residents living in Karachi and Hyderabad have decided to support their citizens’ rights. He added that urban Sindh has voted against the hijacked elections.

MQMP Sindh rejected hijacked elections of  local government elections of Karachi:

He also said that The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)should see if the elections in this manner reflected the voters. “We remain in the heart of the people. We boycotted the 1997 elections also. The powerful forces of the time convinced MQMP to vote in provincial assembly elections.”


He stated that 2001 was when Jamaat-e-Islami was given a chance to make a difference for the city but needed to do the job. Jamaat has been the top resented party in Karachi. As of 2005, the Mayor of Lahore would speak about the case of Karachi’s growth. The residents of Karachi should not be dissatisfied since the MQMP will continue to represent the people of Karachi.


The event was attended by The eminent Dr. Farooq Sattar said that this election was in front of anyone. He stated: “Pre-poll rigging happened before the election. The people who have been waiting to be elected since 2005 have given up on the seats that were taken from Karachi. The winner of the elections will benefit from the “charity of boycotts imposed on members of the MQMP.”


Sattar declared it unfair to be a part of the voting process without having the authority required for local government. “We need to get the amount of Rs400 billion to develop Karachi. We will fight to get it.”


Sattar claimed that the ECP had adopted an illegal method and was biased regarding inaccurate constituencies. The ECP needed to fulfill its responsibilities. “This city will never forgive those who took part in the election by trading our rights today.”


Sattar stated that Karachi is the property of all who reside and pass away in Karachi. “Karachi is a part of everyone, but not all belong to Karachi. We don’t want to lose elections without sacrificing our principles.”


A former PSP Leader Mustafa Kamal said that the MQMP boycott was not aimed at creating monopolies but for rights. In the wake of Article 10A being in place, the ECP cannot resist, he stated. After months of debate, the PPP agreed with us and acknowledged their mistake. 


53 UCs are less than what the Sindh Government has accepted. “This struggle began today. We will fight to defend Karachi’s rights,” Kamal said. Karachi,” Kamal said.

The MQMP has also scheduled its general workers’ meeting for Wednesday. The meeting will occur in the KMC Ground in Karachi’s PIB colony. At the meeting, the MQMP will unveil its next strategy of action.


Speaking at an event at the Idara Noor-e-Haq, JI Karachi headquarters, Karachi Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Emir Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman congratulated the citizens in Karachi and Hyderabad on the outcome of local elections in both cities.


He claimed that the elections were finally held despite all the intrigues. He added that the local authority elections were postponed two-and-a-half times in Karachi.


Rehman also criticized his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), for not holding local elections for the government in Punjab throughout its entire term. Rehman said that the major political parties were afraid of the democratic process.


He stated that, after the election results, the JI was emerging as the party representing Karachi’s people. Karachi. The JI was over every other party at the time of polling.


Rehman, however, expressed his displeasure over some of the presiding officers’ inability to issue forms 11 and 12. The deputy commissioners of Karachi of refusing to let these forms go out.


The Election Commission had assured the JI of these forms. However, he added that the DSc needed to follow the commission’s guidelines.


In the meantime, Sindh Minister of Information, Transport and Mass Transit and PPP leader Sharjeel Inam Memon was adamantly condemning this “act of terrorism by the PTI goons in Karachi” on Sunday.


A statement quotes Memon as declaring”that “PTI goons committed the worst terrorism to spread horror to stop the voters from exercising their right in the local government elections in Karachi.”


He claimed that “everyone saw PTI Member Provincial Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi removing the seal of a ballot box at a polling station,” which directly violates the ECP code of conduct.


Naqvi’s “act” demanded that the ECP begin to take an investigation against Naqvi. He also claimed that “PTI goons attacked the son of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Member National Assembly Shahida Rehmani and tortured her companions.”


He also said that the local PPP chief Shahzad Mehta’s car was also assaulted in the past by PTI personnel who cut the windows. He categorically condemned “such acts of terrorism of the PTI.” He advised the PTI party to “stop the politics of violence and terrorism.”


A fearless ex-lawmaker Afghan woman Shot dead

The gunman killed the body of a former Afghan lawmaker and her bodyguards found in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul during a nighttime assault at her house, the police said on Sunday:

Kabul: Gunmen killed the body of a former Afghan legislator and one bodyguard inside the capital Kabul in a night-time robbery at her residence, police reported on Sunday.


Mursal Nabizada was an elected member of the parliament during the US-backed administration that was toppled by the Taliban in August 2021. 


“Nabizada, along with one of her bodyguards, was shot dead at her house,” Kabul police spokesperson Khalid Zadran said. 


“The security forces have started a serious investigation into the incident,” he added, adding that the cousin of the ex-legislator was also injured in the incident that took place in the night, between the weekend and.


Nabizada was a “fearless champion for Afghanistan,” former politician Mariam Sola iman khil said on Twitter. “A true trailblazer — a strong, outspoken woman who stood for what she believed in, even in the face of danger,” she wrote. 


“Despite being offered the chance to leave Afghanistan, she chose to stay and fight for her people,” she said.


Nabizada 32-year-old Nabizada hails from the province of Nangarhar. He was elected a member of Kabul’s parliament in Kabul in the year 2018. 


“I am sad and angry and want the world to know!” tweeted Hannah Neumann, a member of the European Parliament, in reaction to the murder. 


“She was killed in darkness, but the Taliban built their system of gender apartheid in full daylight.”


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