“Digital transformation is the nation’s idea.’

Digital transformation is the nation's idea

ISLAMABAD: Presidency Dr. Arif Alvi stated on Wednesday, “Digital transformation is at the center of the country’s plan to provide a favorable environment for technological development and growth.

The president said in front of a group from DigitalOcean. “The favorable climate will entail welcoming and facilitating foreign investment in the IT sector and transformation. For a massive entry of the nation into the rapidly expanding international IT market. The youth bulge into information technology-savvy human resource.”

To create a fully connected and functional IT infrastructure in Pakistan. According to President Alvi, both the provincial and federal levels must demonstrate a high degree of resolve. Make the correct decision at the right time, and implement decisions and policies in a time-bound way.

He also stressed the importance of bureaucracy in assisting investors of all stripes, especially reputable foreign-owned IT firms and corporations.

“The government is reviewing the entire education system of the country to transform it from a non-market to a market-oriented system.” He further cited the digiskills scheme of the PM that saw 1 million people complete training and earn a living.

They thanked DigitalOcean for investing in Pakistan and buying a Pakistani IT firm for $300 million. The president claimed that it was the most significant IT agreement that a company had ever completed in Pakistan.


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