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Elahi’s counsel is the key to the fate of the Provincial legislature.

Elahi's counsel is the key
Elahi's counsel is the key to the fate of the Provincial legislature.

  • Governor acknowledges receipt of the “brief” recommendation and states that he will consider the recommendation with a heavy heart

  •  Fawad declares that the house will be immediately dissolved even if Governor is not on the summary for more than 48 hours

LAHORE: A few hours after regaining the trust of the majority of legislators of the Punjab Assembly, Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi officially instructed the Governor on Thursday to disband the provincial legislature.

The decision comes after months of speculation, legal battles, and a public display of the rifts between the ruling party’s allies in Punjab – that is, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and PML-Q over whether the Assembly will be disbanded or not.

“I, Parvez Elahi Chief Minister Punjab, at this moment advise you to dissolve the provincial assembly of Punjab,” is the official advice sent to the Governor.

The Governor’s House got their Punjab Assembly dissolution advice in an envelope sealed shortly after 10 pm, which the Governor confirmed via tweet.

Geo News quoted the Governor as saying breaking up the Assembly, the body representing thousands of citizens, wouldn’t be an easy choice to make and one that he would take “with a heavy heart”.

Fawad Chaudhry claimed”If the governor does not accept the advice within that time, the assembly will automatically stand dissolved,” he said.

According to Mr. Chaudhry, the PTI would also issue an open letter requesting that Hamza Shehbaz. The opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly, return to Pakistan within the next two weeks. F or the purpose of debating the Constitution’s provision for an interim arrangement.

 The nation would head for the two provinces, which comprised 60% of the legislatures in provincial areas across the country. “To assist, the PDM government should use caution, choose an electoral system, and progress toward holding national elections. Political stability in the nation leads to economic stability, “He suggested.

The former minister alleged that PTI leadership and each of its MNAs had convinced speaker of National Assembly to accept. Their resignations and the timing of provincial assembly elections.


Attaullah Tarar, the prime minister’s special assistant, said. Said as soon as the Governor had the CM’s proposals, the government would reveal its upcoming plan.

Mr. Elahi attended a brief discussion and PTI chairman Imran Khan in his Zaman Park residence in the evening. He then signed the much-anticipated review. In addition to Rasikh Elahi and PML Q MNA Hussain Elahi, Pervaiz Khattak, former defence minister, also attended meeting.

Earlier, Mr. Khan had a lengthy meeting with the party’s top officials. Who insisted on the Assembly’s quick dissolution in accordance with his November 26 announcement. That he would step down from the KP and Punjab assemblies as well.

The PTI chairman talked about opposition to holding general elections within following ninety days from the probable federal government alliance. The Constitution and the Constitution, respectively. If this scenario materializes, the federal government’s ruling coalition will still have to deal with the ire of the populace.

 And the PDM government’s attitude plays a role in the establishment. Q’s demanded that the PTI not run its candidates in the districts in which they had previously won reelection.

However, an official close to the minister acknowledged that the Assembly dissolution was an example of an unexpected choice. However, they said it was PTI Khan’s prerogative, and he acted upon it.

The insider said that the PML-Q was now looking forward to an announcement. The PTI would allocate a larger amount of seat changes to its “reliable ally.”


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