Elon Musk resigned from the Twitter CEO post

Elon Musk resigned

Musk has stated that he will step down as CEO of Twitter once a replacement is found.

Elon Musk announced his intention to resign from the role of the chief CEO of Twitter when the company found a replacement as a logical response to a survey that he conducted, which suggested that users were calling for him to quit.


Musk has been wholly owned by Twitter since October 27. It has received numerous criticisms for firing the majority of its employees, allowing radicals access to the platform, and expelling journalists. And attempting to charge users for the services previously offered for free.


Elon Musk has said that his intention is to resign to become the chief director at Twitter after it is possible to find a replacement in apparent response to a survey he conducted that suggested that users would like him to leave.


Musk has owned 100% of Twitter since October 27. It has received a lot of flak for things like sacking half the workforce, letting far-right figures use the site, holding up journalists, and even seeking to charge users for formerly free services.


“I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job!” Musk tweeted, declaring that the company would only manage servers and software on Twitter.


The poll results published on Monday showed that 57% of those who voted, which is 10 million votes, preferred Musk quitting just a few days after he bought it for $44 billion.


Musk uses Twitter polls to make other choices, such as restoring accounts for former US President Donald Trump and other suspended users.


This week, he posted an emoji that laughed to mock the report that he was in the market for one to be Twitter’s boss. Twitter also tweeted, “no person wants to be the one who will keep Twitter active. “


Analysts have noted that the value of Musk’s electric vehicle company Tesla has plunged by a third since Musk’s Twitter acquisition. Some have suggested that Tesla’s board of directors pressured Musk to leave his Twitter job.

Elon Musk


“Finally a good step in the right direction to end this painful nightmare situation for Tesla investors,”. Said Wedbush analyst Dan Ives on Tuesday.


In conversations with users following the release of the latest results of his poll. Musk reiterated his warnings that the website might go bankrupt.


Polling on policy?


The unpredictability of the entrepreneur shared his own poll on his resignation just after attempting to evade another scandal.


The following Sunday, users of Twitter were informed. That they would not be able anymore to advertise content on other social media platforms.


But Musk was able to change his mind within a couple of hours after he said the policy would only affect accounts. Whose “primary goal is to promote the company of competitors.”


The ban attempt sparked outrage and amused Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who had supported Musk’s acquisition.


Analyst Ives said, “advertisers have sprinted to the hills, leaving Twitter with a smear of red ink. It could be in danger of losing about $4 billion annually. “


After taking control of the company, Musk announced it would cost $8 per month to verify accounts’ identities. He was compelled to put an end to “Twitter Blue,” nevertheless. After a humiliating string of bogus accounts, make a plan. Since then, it has been restored.



On November 4, Musk said the company was losing $4 million daily. Which is why Twitter cut most of its 7,500 employees.


Even after Trump indicated he wouldn’t use it and that Twitter would cease battling COVID-19 misinformation. Musk reactivated the account.


The journalist has closed accounts after hearing them in recent weeks. He was concerned that what some individuals had published about his private plane’s route could have harmed his family.


A few accounts that were suspended have been reinstated since then. According to her spokesperson, Roberta Metsola. The Speaker of the European Parliament, wrote to Musk on Monday to request that he come before the body.


The parliament had not mandated Musk’s attendance, and it was still unclear what he would say.


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