Ex-President Faisalabad Bar Naveed Mukhtar Ghuman Murdered

Ex-President Faisalabad Bar Naveed Mukhtar Ghuman Murdered

Murdered Chaudhry Naveed Mukhtar Ghuman Advocate Ex President Faisalabad Bar:

In the Faisalabad Batala Colony neighborhood, next to the Sea Road Goal Mosque, a motorcyclist opened fire and murdered Chaudhry Naveed Mukhtar Ghuman Advocate, who had previously served as president of the Faisalabad Bar. After the shots were fired, the suspect managed to escape the scene.

According to the information available, on Tuesday morning, unidentified motorcycle riders opened fire on a car driver near Gol Masjid Nazar LCM Higher Secondary School on Sea Road in Faisalabad, Pakistan. They killed a lawyer and his companion, aged 35 and 36, and then escape from the crime scene. Finally, he was moved to the District Headquarters Hospital in Faisalabad so further treatment could be administered there.

The RPO of Faisalabad has taken note of the double homicide that occurred recently. The CPO of Faisalabad has requested the RPO in Faisalabad to provide a report about the incident. The city of Faisalabad has given the district police the order to place the accused individual under arrest as soon as possible.

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