Google announce collaboration on VPPs

GM, Ford, and Google announce collaboration on VPPs with Ford and GM.

The energy transition group RMI will lead and manage the Virtual Power Plant Partnership effort.

(Reuters): GM, Ford, Google, and solar energy firms announced on Tuesday that they would work together to develop guidelines to expand the use of virtual power stations (VPPs) techniques that help reduce the burden on the electricity grid when the supply is low.

According to the firms, the Virtual Power Plant Partnership (VP3) initiative will be managed by the energy transition group RMI.

With clients’ permission, they use cutting-edge technologies to combat energy shortages using tactics like alerting electricity-using appliances. For instance, turning down water heaters to save energy or switching thousands of household batteries from charge to discharge mode.

Many dispersed energy sources like electric heaters and vehicles are integrated into VPPs, virtual power sources. VPPs have aided in boosting grid resilience in various US states as well as nations like Australia and Germany.

In August, when temperatures hit record highs, the marketplace operator for wholesale California Independent System Operator sent the power to all its resources, including VPPs, to avoid blackouts. Smart thermostats made by Google Nest helped to lighten the load.

Ford, SunPower, and Sunrun are the other original members of VP3.


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