Kangana Ranaut exposes Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut exposes Bollywood beggar mafia gang

In a recent Twitter outburst, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has boldly called out the industry’s “beggar mafia gang” and refused to dance at weddings. According to Kangana, the industry has tried to silence her and even send her to jail for her refusals.

“My mother has been teaching for the last 25 years,” Kangana shared in response to an Indian user’s comment. “The film mafia has to understand where the attitude in me comes from, why I don’t wear cheap clothes and can’t dance at weddings.

Kangana also revealed that the “film mafia” has criticized her for her pride and arrogance simply because she doesn’t participate in item numbers, dance at weddings, or cater to heroes when they call her at night. “They tried to send me to jail calling me crazy,” Kangana added.

Despite the industry’s pressure to conform, Kangana has remained steadfast in her refusal to compromise her values. “Instead of improving themselves, they [industry] started to rectify me, But the thing is that I don’t want anything for myself, I have just made a film by pledging everything,”

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