Miles Teller gives ‘sneak peek’ into his at-home

Miles Teller gives ‘sneak peek’ into his at-home routine with wife Keleigh Sperry

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry made the most mundane looking task fun in their new Super Bowl commercial.

The Top Gun: Maverick star, 35, and his wife of three years — along with their six-year-old French bulldog Bugsy – are dancing to hold music while they are enduring a 50-minute wait to speak to a customer service representative.

In an interview with People, Teller shared that the two are having a pretty good year. “It’s really been an incredible year for both Keleigh and I, not just professionally but personally,” he said.

“So, when Bud Light came and wanted us to be a part of a Super Bowl commercial, I mean, that’s the top of the mountain as far as these things go. We always look forward to watching them.”

In the commercial, Sperry seems annoyed and bored as she waits for a customer representative. Seeing this, Teller takes matters into his own hands as he lures his wife to dance to the ‘on-hold’ music.

He added, “We did go to a rehearsal, just to be professional about it — but in the back of my head I was kind of figuring… I kind of knew the moves I wanted to do.”

He was especially drawn to the commercial’s concept because “it doesn’t even feel like an advertisement,” he said. “It feels like a slice of life and hopefully it makes people smile.”

He further added, that this was how he and his wife are usually at home. “You’re getting a sneak peek into Keleigh and I hanging out at home, which is pretty much what we do. We don’t really go out that much, if at all.”

The couple dated for four years before Teller popped the question while on a safari in South Africa. They tied the knot during a private Maui ceremony in September 2019.


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