Mina from K-pop group Twice speaks about her

Mina from the K-pop group Twice speaks about her friendship with Blackpink’s Lisa

K-pop group Twice’s Mina brings up her friendship with Lisa from Blackpink while promoting their comeback. Sana and Mina made an appearance on Volume Up from KBS Cool FM to discuss their album.

While chatting with the host, Mina mentioned her friendship with the rapper. Their relationship went viral when they shared photobooth pictures of themselves with K-pop group G-Idle’s Minnie and Twice’s Jihyo.

Mina was asked which of her celebrity friends she has had a chance to meet up with lately and her answer was Lisa. She explained that whenever the two hang out they have good food and enjoy their time together.

Twice have just come out with their twelfth mini album and recently performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as well.

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