Pakistan Navy to host AMAN exercise in the coming month.

Pakistan Navy to host AMAN

Multinational maritime exercise in conjunction with China’s PLA Navy, aimed at improving cooperation between naval forces

Pakistan Navy security personnel and SSG commandos had reacted to the incident and, during the subsequent confrontation which lasted six hours, the two terrorists were killed, and detained four others.

The Chinese (PLA) Navy and the Pakistani Navy will both participate in the biannual AMAN-23 multinational maritime exercise. In order to improve coordination between regional and non-regional navies. At various stages of technological development, according to a claim in Chinese media.

According to China’s Global Times, Admiral Amjad Khan Nizazi is the CNS.   Between January 10 and January 12, in the harbor, and between February 13 and February 14, in the ocean.

To improve the interoperability of navies from within and outside the region. With varying degrees of technological prowess, in order to address concerns related to maritime security.

Over the past few years, China and Pakistan have maintained regular marine and naval exchanges and cooperation. Which have featured combined exercises made more effective by Pakistan’s acquisition of four Type 054A/P frigates from China. The newspaper reported that, as in the earlier issues, China is again expected to be a participant in AMAN-23.

Alongside AMAN-23, in conjunction with AMAN-23. The Pakistan Navy is also scheduled to host. The very first (PIMEC) with the aim of showing what Pakistan can offer in its marine sector and highlighting its contributions. That the maritime sector can make to the development and growth of our economy.

“These ships are being integrated into Pakistan Navy operations and will be the mainstay in the Pakistan Navy Fleet in the coming years.” He added.


He said his belief that it was the Pakistan Navy, as part of this plan to modernize replaced its outdated platforms with new acquisitions from countries that are friendly to them, as well as transfer of technology to help construction in the country. In this context, he said that cooperation with China has been bolstered.

“Pakistan Navy will continue to engage Chinese firms to meet its operational requirements in the future,” he added when referring to the acquisition from F-22P frigates Fast Attack Craft [Missile helicopters, survey vessel and medium-altitude long-endurance combat aircrafts.

“The continuing planned introduction of Type 054A/Ps and Hangor class submarines will strengthen the naval connections between the two nations. The Hangor-class submarine program is moving forward with a steady pace while the vessels are currently in different stages of assembly at Pakistan as well as China,” the CNS continued.

According to Global Times reporter Liu Xuanzun, deployment  hangor-class submarines outfitted with (AIP) systems might greatly increase endurance submerged vehicles. The project was progressing according to the schedule despite delays caused by technical complexities and Covid-19.



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