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PM Shehbaz Chairs NSC meeting amid increasing terror-related incidents

PM Chairs the NSC meeting

PM Chairs the NSC meeting with An assembly for making decisions on national security. The foreign policy got underway in Islamabad late on Friday after a spike in terrorist attacks. The prime minister presided.

Top military and civilian officials attended the event.

PM Shehbaz and Gen. Asim Munir had casual conversation on Thursday during which they decided hold this meeting the NSC.

Their meeting occurred one day following the Corps commanders’ conference in the General Headquarters in which the increase in terrorist incidents was the main topic on the agenda.

Military officials will inform members of the panel of the general security situation in the country.

In the last few months, in particular, the law and order situation in Pakistan has gotten worse. Terrorist organizations including the Tehreek-i Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The Islamic State group, and the Gul Bahadur Group conduct attacks around the nation at almost no expense.

Insurgents from Balochistan have increased their violence and have formalized a connection in the TTP.

Its incident in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Police’s Counter-Terrorism Department interrogation center in Bannu and the failed suicide attack within Islamabad not only triggered alarms within the corridors of power but has also caused a number of countries to be concerned about the safety of their citizens.

The US, UK, Australia, and Saudi Arabia have issued warnings, asking their citizens to limit their travel within Pakistan and to avoid trips that are not essential.

According to the source that was cited, the NSC will also take surge in cross-border violence from Afghanistan into consideration.


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