President ban broadcasts

President gives his assent to ban broadcasts without interpreters for sign language

Islamabad: President Arif Alvi has given his approval to the law under which the government won’t be permitted to broadcast any news bulletins without Pakistan interpreters in sign language The state media reported.

The Access to the Media (Deaf) Persons Act states that after six months from the date of its enactment interpreters who sign languages would be required on national broadcasters either privately or by state-owned digital media channels, privately owned TV channels as well as cable television, or any other broadcast medium, the media said.

In addition, within one year after the start of the law, the government will not permit the broadcasting of any show, entertainment or commercial talk show, drama film, or another segment of a picture through the Stayconnecting media, private television channels cable TV, or any other broadcasting media without Pakistan interpreters for sign languages in the program, according to the report.

The law also directed the public and private media outlets to nominate interpreters who sign in the period of six months in accordance with the media.


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