Punjab Govt Imports Planes

Punjab Govt Imports Planes and Vehicles Despite a Tanking Economy

Analysts say Pakistan must reduce its expenditure and avoid imports to revitalize the economy.

Punjab Govt Imports Planes: Aijaz Ahmed says it is crucial for the country to reduce its dependence on imports and cut back on spending to revitalize the economy.

The journalist said that despite a down economy, the government in Punjab continues to import expensive planes and cars.

Abdul Moiz Jaferii, a legal expert, spoke on behalf of Miftah. He said that Miftah was a victim of racism because he is from Karachi and belonged to the mon community.

He said that Ismail still acts politely and humbly. One can imagine how the PMLN treats people who are from other provinces.

Jafari stated that Finance Minister Ishaq dar speaks illogically about IMF conditions. One can’t negotiate and need money simultaneously.

Miftah supported Ahmed’s comments, saying that the ex-finance Minister has apologized but is, in fact, a victim of racial discrimination. He has every right and privilege to defend himself.

Khurram Husain stated that Pakistan would have passed a difficult phase if Miftah were still in charge of its financial affairs.


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