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According to Rana Sanaullah, Elahi is no longer the constitutionally elected Chief Minister of Punjab.

Elahi is no more Punjab CM

Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab, no longer holds the position of the provincial chief executive, according to Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah’s statement on Thursday.

As a result of the ruling coalition in the Centre’s decision to remove Elahi as chief minister, the crisis in Punjab is getting worse.

Punjab Governor Baligh-ur-Rehman summoned a session yesterday at 4 pm for a vote of confidence pertaining to Elahi as the CM.

But defying the directives, the speaker — a PTI member — had termed the order against the constitution and adjourned an ongoing session till Friday.

Earlier, Sanaullah threatened that the Punjab government would issue a declaration at 4 pm to remove the chief minister from office, but it did not materialize.

“Constitutionally, Parvez Elahi is no more the Punjab CM. He didn’t seek a vote of confidence yesterday,” the interior minister said.

He said that the government had made all arrangements to deal with any situation if violence or vandalism unfolds today.

The existence of “any political crisis” was disregarded by Sanaullah.

No political crisis exists. Sanaullah, the provincial leader of the PML-N, announced that an assembly session would be convened to elect a new chief minister. He continued by saying that the governor’s orders would be carried out immediately.

“The constitution permits the governor to stop notifying the chief minister. There is no discussion of Article 6 when the governor acts in accordance with the Constitution, according to the minister.

The interior minister responded to PTI’s assertion that the president will dismiss Baligh Ur Rehman by saying that the president must carry out the directives of the prime minister.

“Removing a governor is unrealistic; the president can’t even get rid of the bee on his head,”

On the notification of Elahi’s removal, Sanaullah stated that the governor’s orders  issued today, in his opinion. He also noted that the governor must set a date for the election of the new CM.

When asked who the PML-candidate N’s for new chief minister should be, the interior minister said Hamza Shahbaz is the party’s parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly and should be their candidate. He did, however, add that the PML-N has not considered anyone for the position of the new chief minister.


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