Salman Khan should apologize for killing

“Salman Khan should apologize for killing the blackbuck or be prepared for the”

consequences,” Lawrence Bishnoi’s threat from inside the jail

 East Punjab’s Bathinda jail warned actor Salman Khan to apologize for killing a blackbuck in 1998 or be ready to face the consequences.

Speaking to a TV channel from jail, Bishnoi said that there are ‘loopholes’ in jails that they use to make phone calls. Regarding the murder of singer Sidhu Musewala, Lawrence Bishnoi said that the singer was killed by Goldie Brar along with my gang members. I had no involvement. While I was sleeping when he was dead, a friend from Canada called to tell me about the murder of Sidhu Musewala.

 killing the black buck otherwise, I will take action against the actor. I have been against Salman Khan since childhood, he even tried to pay my community to kill a blackbuck.

To prove himself as a patriot, Lawrence Bishnoi said that he is against all those who want to divide India, including the Khalistan movement, he and his gang members are patriotic people

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