Sania shares cryptic message

Sania Mirza shares cryptic message on ‘setting boundaries.’

Sania has been consistently posting mysterious notes that have led to speculations about the possibility of a split from her husband, Shoaib Malik.

Indian tennis player Sania Mirza was once again arousing attention from her massive fans by posting an obscure note on “setting boundaries” amid rumors of a divorce of her husband, Pakistan Cricket team’s Captain Shoaib Malik, continuing to grow.

The tennis player has kept a low profile about divorce rumors swirling around the couple for a few months and has held the fans on their toes.

Mirza has regularly posted insecure notes, which the followers believe have to do with her relationship with her husband since November 2022.

Model Sania regularly updates her Instagram stories and page. That show snippets of her personal and professional life.. Recently, she shared a post with the words:

“Our boundaries are not judgments of other people. They’re simply a recognition of our own needs,” she stated on social media. “Just because I set a boundary with someone doesn’t necessarily make their behavior wrong. Sometimes it just means that their behavior isn’t right for me.”

Sania Mirza shares cryptic message on ‘setting boundaries.’


Her fans may have suspected something was amiss after her enigmatic Instagram Story post from Tuesday.


In the meantime, Malik posted an ode to birthday wishes to Indian choreographer Farah Khan Kunder, a close associate of Sania Malik, on his Instagram with a photo of him and the two women.

Sania Mirza shares cryptic message on ‘setting boundaries.’


Malik, in contrast to Sania, spoke to a magazine in 2000 and broke his quiet over the divorce rumors. Malik has asked people to “leave it alone.”

He didn’t like the constant media press rumors and conjecture about his conceivable separation from his wife of 12 years. He refused to discuss the issue.

“It is our matter. Neither I nor my wife is answering this question. Leave it alone,” the man had stated.

The couple appears together on a talk show, and so far, this has been successful in keeping their supporters. Expectations are high since they believe “all is well” between the two.

Even though they appeared on the talk show Mirza Malik Show, despite their appearance on the talk show Mirza Malik Show, sources have stated that the pair are not friends with each other and are instead performing their professional duties.

In 2010, the two athletes were married. The couple’s kid, Izhaan, was born in the year 2018.



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