Sethi plans to reform domestic cricket by reviving departments.

Plans to reform domestic cricket

Lahore: As Ramiz Raja stood sacked as Pakistan Cricket Board chairman on Thursday, Sethi plans to reform domestic cricket, who was the chairman of the 14-member PCB Management Committee appointed by the premier.

adamantly declared that the 2014 Constitution was re-established. Additionally, the concept included restructuring domestic cricket through the resurgence of regional and departmental cricket.

“The cricket regime led by Ramiz Raja is no more. This year’s PCB constitution has been in full force,” Sethi said on Twitter.
In four and a half years, Sethi was back in the Gaddafi Stadion on Thursday as the PCB head for the second time.

This time for four months to manage a 14-member panel appointed by PM Shehbaz Sharif. On Wednesday, charged with the restoration of PCB’s Constitution. PCB 2014 Constitution. As well as the revived departmental cricket.

A well-known journalist named Sethi, who had joined the PCB the previous Thursday, addressed the media. In addition to members of the Management Committee and a number of officeholders from several vanished areas.

The 74-year-old Sethi told reporters outside the Gaddafi Stadium, “I have returned after four years, and the workload is heavy.

Under the leadership of the previous prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, Sethi was appointed PCB Chairman in 2013. He also served as chairman of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Board. And PCB director till August 20, 2018, when his government. Imran Khan was chosen to lead the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

Sethi had to wait a few days before leaving the position as PCB chairman. Shortly after, Imran Khan, as prime minister and patron of the PCB, announced the appointment of Ehsan Mani as the new PCB chief.

Mani completed his three-year stint and resigned in August last year, leading to Ramiz’s appointment to chairmanship within a month.

“First, I am thankful to the prime minister [Shehbaz Sharif] who desires to restore the 2014 Constitution [of PCB], revive departmental cricket to end cricketers’ unemployment, bring back regional and club cricket, and encourage the private sector to come forward [for the game’s development],” the official added.

“Much has been accomplished (in Pakistan cricket] over the last four years, and I won’t comment on it. But, we will attempt to resolve the issues that our current nation’s players.”

Sethi has made it clear that he supports the revival of departmental cricket, which the previous administration outlawed in the PCB’s 2019 Constitution.

“We will try to make all the changes in the next three, four months for reviving departmental cricket and to restore the Constitution of 2014 fully,” he said.

“A PCB Board comprising four regional and departmental representatives will be established following the PCB Constitution of 2014.

As we established the PSL as an international brand, the improvement of domestic cricket through reforms is also a top priority. Sethi mentioned the franchise-based league that was established in 2016.

“In my previous tenure, the PSL took off successfully while the arrival of several foreign teams had also started, and it continues to this day.”

In order to elevate Pakistan’s local game, according to Sethi, the nation must produce elite cricketers for the national team.

“[Comparatively] more players are emerging from the PSL platform,” he said.

In connection with Pakistan’s home series against New Zealand, Sethi said that the national Test team has just been presented. Sethi has two alternatives in this scenario, he stated when he joined the PCB.

Declared, the captain, remarked, “I’m not sure if altering the squad at this time will be beneficial or not. I’ll stop taking questions about this now.

“It is advised that a few Management Committee members travel to Karachi to see the first Test. We anticipate a laid-back atmosphere during the games and increased success for Pakistan “Added he.

in response to a question regarding the link between India and cricket. Sethi claimed to have read news articles about the cricket match between India and Pakistan.

Relations.”The Management Committee will review Pakistan-India [bilateral] series matter to decide what message should be conveyed [to India],” Sethi said. “Any decision about the [revival of] Indo-Pak cricket relations has to be taken with the government’s consent.”

If he anticipated confrontation from Ramiz, Sethi said personally that he was not convinced of the possibility of conflict.

“In 2018, though I received a message from high-ups not to leave the position [of chairman], I didn’t want to stand between Imran Khan’s vision and therefore quit the post,” he stated.
He claimed there was no red flag in the international cricket tournament in Peshawar.

“The arena in Peshawar is currently being revamped. It is expected to be completed within six months, following which we will move to Peshawar as I [under the previous regime] accomplished by organizing international matches in the match against West Indies in Karachi, which was impossible for many people the at the time.” Sethi remarked.

Declaring that the choice of the PCB chairperson was mostly determined by the prime minister. Even if new elections were required, Sethi said there was no guarantee that a new chairwoman would be in place.

But, he added, performance is crucial when introducing a new PCB chief. “If this is not there, then people are right in asking for a change.

Interestingly, when Sethi spoke to the media, not a single PCB official, except for the media department, was with him.

Several members of the newly appointed Management Committee, including Shakil Sheikh. Nauman Butt (both former members of the BoG). And Former Test cricketer Shafqat Rana, Gulzada, and former Lahore City Cricket Association president Khawaja Nadeem.

Secretary of the Faisalabad District Cricket Association Rana Anis, and clubs. At the press conference, Sethi was accompanied by the owners Sarfaraz Ahmad Shahbaz Ali, Sarfaraz Ahmad, and Ijaz Shah.

Faisal Hasnain, the CEO of the PCB, and Salman Naseer, the COO, spoke earlier. When Sethi arrived at Gaddafi Stadium, he was welcomed by other senior officials.

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