The criticism of Prince Harry for “playing into Iran’s propaganda machine”

Prince Harry has come under fire after admitting to executing Taliban members and after Iran exploited his comments to justify hanging a British-Iranian citizen.

The United Kingdom criticized Iran for killing Alireza Akbari over the weekend, but Tehran shot back that London was “in no position to preach” about human rights.

One commander claimed that the Duke of Sussex had “rendered himself” a “tool for the Tehran government,” and another claimed that the father of two should bear responsibility for allowing Iran to exploit his remarks for a barbaric deed.

According to a tweet from Iran’s foreign ministry, “The British regime. Whose Royal Family member sees the killing of 25 innocent people as the removal of chess pieces and has no regrets over the issue, and those who turn a blind eye to a war crime, are in no position to preach to others on human rights.”



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