Take a look at this image of a dying star

Take a look at this image of a dying star

In another one of its fascinating feats, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured the image of a star on the brink of death.

Through its infrared lens, the JWST spotted the gas and dust flinging out into space by a gigantic start nearly 15,000 light-years away.

The shimmering purple material seen at the borders was once the outer layer of the huge star Wolf-Rayet 124. The star is 30 times bigger than the sun and exists in the constellation Sagittarius. According to NASA, the giant has already let go of material that is 10 times more than our sun.

“What we’re seeing in this beautiful new image at the very center is a star,” said NASA’s Amber Straughn, as reported by Sky News.

The light from that star has been traveling through space for about 15,000 years, it’s 15,000 light years away until it hit the detectors on the telescope. And the material that you’re seeing around the central star that looks like dust is dust,” she said, adding that stars shed out their outer material into the universe when they are about to die.

She called it “one of the most beautiful concepts” in astronomy. It is called Carl Sagan’s Stardust concept which says that the iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones was actually from stars that exploded like this, billions of years ago. According to Sagan, we are literally stardust.

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