Pakistan has the right to defend

The US declares that Pakistan has the right to defend itself against terror.’


During their last meeting, the United States fully supported the counter-terrorism decision adopted by the National Security Committee (NSC). It stated that ” Pakistan has the right to defend itself from terrorism.”

The statement made by US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price is just two days following the NSC — the most potent civil-military governing body for matters of the security of our nation declared its determination to destroy militant groups that operate against Pakistan.

At the NSC meeting, which lasted for two days, from December 31 until January 1, the NSC had firmly demanded Afghanistan’s leaders — without explicitly naming them to block the haven of Pakistani terrorists on their territory and stop their support and reiterate its intention to eliminate terror groups operating within Afghanistan with all of its might.

In a briefing for the press on Tuesday in Washington, at a press briefing on Tuesday. The US State Department spokesperson said that the US knew about the NSC’s recent announcement. “The Pakistani people have suffered enormously through a terrorist attack. Pakistan has the right to defend itself from terrorist attacks,” Price said in answer to an inquiry.

He stated that the AfghanTaliban Taliban must uphold the pledge they made. That their land would not be used to launch terror attacks from anywhere in the world. “These are among the very commitments that the Taliban have been unable or unwilling to fulfill to date.” Said the Taliban’s spokesperson.

Senior ministers, service chiefs, and top intelligence officials who supported the government’s strategy to stabilize Pakistan’s economy were present at the summit.  Deliberations on the rise in terrorist acts and the worsening economic crisis were to take place at the NSC meeting.
The banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) executed most of these attacks.

The forum touched on the rise in border clashes with Taliban troops. The committee endorsed some ways to tackle the deteriorating security situation, which has attracted the attention of several significant capitals and has led them to issue advisory notices to their citizens who reside in this country.

The most important aspect of these actions was sending an unambiguous message to neighboring Afghanistan to cease all support for TTP.

In order to protect its citizens, Pakistan reserves all rights to do so, according to the NSC statement. No nation will be permitted to provide safe haven and support for terrorists, it stated.





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