Twitter comes back online following an outage in the world that affected thousands

Twitter comes back online

Twitter Inc suffered a major interruption on Wednesday, resulting in hundreds of thousands of users across the globe inaccessible to the social media platform or accessing the features it offers for several hours until services began to be restored. Twitter comes back online. The issue is Twitter’s first apparent service interruption since billionaire Elon Musk assumed the role of Twitter CEO at the end of October.

Downdetector is a website that tracks outages via different sources, including user-generated reports, revealing more than 10,000 users affected around the United States, about 2,500 from Japan, and around 2,500 in the UK at the height of the outage.

The majority of reports were from users who claimed they had technical issues accessing the social network using an internet browser.

Twitter reports of outages dipped dramatically by the end of Wednesday According to the site and some users reported that the commenting services had returned to normal.

Twitter did not respond immediately to a request for comments and Twitter’s status page indicated the systems in all of them were in operation.

Musk posted on Twitter later that day following day. “Significant backend server architecture changes” were being implemented. Musk added that “Twitter should feel faster,” however, his tweet didn’t make any reference to the time that Twitter was down as reported by users.

Twitter comes back online



During the outage, a few users reported that they were unable to access their Twitter accounts using laptops or desktops. A lesser number of users reported that the issue caused problems with the mobile app and other features, including notifications.

Some have taken to Twitter to post news and photos of the disruption of service and the service disruption, with the hashtag #TwitterDown being a popular Twitter hashtag. platform.

When using a desktop to access Twitter, an error notice appeared that said, “Something went wrong, but don’t panic. This isn’t your problem. We’ll try again.”

Musk tweeted 

“Works for me,” Musk tweeted, in response to a question from a user about whether Twitter was not working properly.

Twitter comes back online



Only two months have passed since Musk completed the contentious and chaotic $44 billion acquisition of Twitter.

In November, a large number of Twitter employees reportedly quit the firm. Include engineers who are in charge of spotting faults and preventing service interruptions.

Prior to Musk’s takeover, several thousands of Twitter users experienced disruptions in July and February all around the world.

Other major tech companies have also suffered interruptions this year. The month of July saw a 19-hour outage at Canada’s largest telecom provider Rogers Telecommunications shut down the banking, transportation, and access to government for millions of customers.

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