Twitter is ablaze with memes

Twitter is ablaze with memes as the nation goes dark

Pakistanis are responding to the power outage as best they can: including memes and funny material

The only method is available to Pakistanis to cope with the power outage. They know how, since the country is engulfed with rib-tickling content and memes on the microblogging service.

Many Twitter users described their experiences of waking up to no electricity in their houses. Since then, the hashtag #PowerOutrage has gained popularity online.

A well-known radio jockey and presenter named Anoushey Ashraf tweeted that the country had officially run out of fuel, cash, and energy. However, we spend billions on protecting our interests and borders (cough). We never had infrastructure or education, either. For a select few families, Pakistan is a business.


According to Zunaira Inam Khan, “Can we now admit that we are rapidly approaching rock bottom and that our ability to control our borders will be useless if the nation is disintegrating from the inside out while we sit here with a statewide power outage and our reserves hitting single digits? Now is the time to reconsider our priorities!”

Memes start to appear

Naturally, some people persisted in spreading humor and posted some great memes.

Monday morning saw a significant power outage that affected many cities, including Rawalpindi and Karachi. The National Transmission & Despatch Company was contacted by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) in a strong notice asking for a report on the blackout (NTDC).

According to the report, NEPRA “continuously offered instructions and recommendations to prevent such situations in the future.” It also mentioned that penalties had been levied for the 2021 and 2022 countrywide blackouts and tower failures.







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