Twitter user vote for step down Elon Musk

Vote for step down Musk

Twitter users cast votes to depose Elon Musk from the position of CEO:


San Francisco City On Monday, Twitter users voted to oust Elon Musk as CEO, an election Musk arranged and vowed to honor only a few months after taking over as CEO of Twitter.


57.5 percent of the nearly 17 million people who have accounts had voted for him to resign. Musk is the CEO of Tesla, the maker of cars, and rocket maker SpaceX has yet to respond.


He was appointed the new CEO of Twitter on the 27th of October. By letting far-right figures use the platform after firing the majority of the employees, he has regularly stirred up controversy. Excluding journalists and making an effort to charge consumers for earlier free services.

Elon Musk


An analyst has also noted that Tesla’s stock price has plummeted to one-third since Twitter’s acquisition.


“It’s hard to ignore the numbers since the [Twitter] deal closed,” tweeted an investment professional Gary Black, saying he believed Tesla’s board was putting pressure on Musk to step down from his Twitter position.


In conversations with users after the release of his latest poll, Musk declared that he did not have a successor in his mind. He reiterated his warnings that the platform may be headed toward bankruptcy.


The erratic billionaire shared the poll after attempting to escape another scandal.


On Sunday, users of Twitter were informed that they were no longer allowed to promote content from other social media websites.


However, Musk reversed his position just a few hours later. It stated that the policy was restricted to “suspending accounts if the account’s main objective is to promote competitors. “


“Shortly, there will be a vote to approve significant policy modifications. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will never ever happen again,” he tweeted.


The ban attempt sparked protests. The incident even enthralled Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey, who had supported Musk’s acquisition.

His Twitter post challenged the new policy via only one word: “Why? “


Musk has sparked several controversies during his brief reign.

Analyst Dan Ives from Wedbush called his tenure with Wedbush a “perfect storm. “


He pointed out “Twitter is currently in the red because advertisers have abandoned the platform. We project that we are potentially on pace to lose almost $4 billion annually “.


After taking over the platform, Musk announced that the platform would be charging $8 per month to confirm account owners’ identities. 


However, an unacceptable amount of phony accounts prompted the firm to abandon its “Twitter Blue” concept. Since then, the project has been resurrected.


On the 4th of November, Musk said the company was losing $4 million daily, which is why Twitter cut most of its staff 7,500.


Despite Trump’s statements that he has no plans to use Twitter. And that the firm has no plans to continue battling falsehoods related to COVID-19, Musk also reactivated Trump’s account on his behalf.


In recent times the author removed the accounts of several journalists following complaints. That they were publishing information on the activities of his private aircraft that he said could put his family in danger.


A judgment criticized by the EU and UN affected CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post staff.


According to Sally Buzbee, senior editor of the Washington Post, Taylor Lorenz’s suspension from Twitter. “Further lowers Elon Musk’s argument that he wants to run Twitter to be a social media network dedicated to freedom of speech.”


A few accounts that were suspended have been reinstated since then.

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