Type of Software Monitors

What Type of Software Monitors Network Traffic?

What Is Network Monitoring Software?

The best way to collect, track, analyze, and apply network traffic data is by using network traffic monitoring software. The right network monitoring software can help you extract important information such as performance statistics, bandwidth usage data by application or type of traffic, usage patterns over time, end-user experience, and other metrics. It can also help you:

  • Detect which protocols and applications consume the most bandwidth
  • Identify users, services, or devices that hog bandwidth and slow down the network
  • Determine if bandwidth is distributed effectively across the entire network
  • Prevent network outagesEssentially, network traffic monitoring software can help you effectively monitor and analyze network traffic to identify the root causes of performance issues and streamline troubleshooting efforts.

    What Are Some Examples of Network Monitoring Software?

    Network traffic monitoring software can be classified into the following categories:

    • Availability monitoring
    • Configuration monitoring
    • Performance monitoring
    • Cloud infrastructure monitoring

    Some notable examples include:

    • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
    • Atera
    • Datadog
    • ManageEngine OpManager
    • Dotcom-Monitor
    • Site24x7 Network Monitoring
    • PRTG Network Monitor
    • Zabbix
    • LogicMonitor
    • Spiceworks
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